Shift Leader, Ethanol

Job Summary
This position is accountable for assigning, monitoring, adjusting and controlling production activities on an assigned shift in the ethanol plant, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. This position is accountable for controlling the standard operating parameters by monitoring the Digital Control System (DCS) of the plant and working with the production team to meet or exceed performance objectives in a safe and efficient manner. The operating parameters are discussed with the Plant Manager and Production Manager daily to establish the day's goals for production.
Job Parameters
This position reports to the Production Manager along with three other Shift Supervisors and Operations Workers. Specifically, the incumbent is responsible for:
Running the standard operations of the plant in an efficient manner.
Responsible for operating and monitoring all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) being executed through the DCS
Troubleshooting and resolving process and production issues and minor employee issues as they arise. Basic knowledge of all machines such as vessels, pumps, valves, mixers and processes in the plant is needed and knowledge of the proper procedures to take in case of equipment failure.
Supervising activities to ensure the efficient use of personnel and equipment to maximize performance of the process. This supervision will include participating in daily shift meetings to facilitate good communication and ongoing follow-up on issues such as problems experienced on previous shift(s) that require attention.
Maintaining current and in-depth knowledge of all safety & environmental policies and standards related to this position (Health/Safety/Housekeeping). Safety meeting attendance and pro-active incident reporting/identification is expected of all on-site personnel. To achieve full integration of safety into the culture, the incumbent will be expected to actively participate in safety training and any other safety related activities.
Coordinating with the Maintenance Manager on all necessary scheduled and preventative maintenance requirements to ensure efficient operations and to minimize down time.
The incumbent should spend as much time as possible out in the plant. Good leadership requires total awareness of current plant status as a result of monitoring plant performance through the DCS, communicating with operations workers and monitoring lab samples/results, as well as plant observation.
The incumbent will be responsible for the production rate of the team and must delegate duties to their crew members as needed.
The incumbent is expected to function as a member of the crew performing routine operating functions such as required SOPs for daily production needs, samples for lab analysis, troubleshooting problems, as well as providing back up support for other Shift Supervisors during time of vacations or leaves.
Human Relations
This position interacts with all plant personnel and has work leadership responsibilities therefore a high degree of human relation skills is necessary to be effective.
Instructions Received
The incumbent will receive primarily verbal instruction from the Production Manager. Because of the 24 hour nature of ethanol plant operations, there will often be times the incumbent will be expected to function with a high degree of independence. Any problems in plant production need to be brought to the attention of the Production Manager or Plant Manager immediately.
Working Conditions
This position involves frequent exposure to adverse weather conditions, dust, dirt, noise, climbing, and intermittent lifting of heavy objects.
The knowledge and skill needed to perform this position successfully is typically acquired through 5 years of progressive experience in a similar manufacturing and/or production environment including first-line supervision with demonstrated leadership and inter-personal skills. Ethanol processing experience desirable. Language, math, and computer skills typically acquired through completion of high school are also required. An associate's degree or bachelor's degree in operations management or other applicable discipline could serve to offset some of the experience requirement.
Principal Accountabilities
The following accountabilities are to be carried out in a manner consistent with the spirit and philosophy outlined in The Andersons' Statement of Principles:
Perform all duties in accordance with Corporate, Division, and Location Safety policies and procedures. Participate in location and divisional safety efforts to help ensure the work environment of self and co-workers is free from safety hazards.
Ensure all processing and production activities meet or exceed established performance objectives and quality standards.
Assign work, monitor, follow-up, and resolve routine operating and maintenance problems to provide proper and effective leadership for Operations Workers on any given shift.
Work with the Production Manager to schedule human resources to ensure performance objectives are achieved.
Maintain an open and candid relationship with the Production Manager and all Ethanol Division management personnel so that all matters of mutual concern can be discussed freely.

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